Royal Tumbao Dance Company


Royal Tumbao Dance Company was founded in 2017 by Jazzy Ruiz and developed in 2018 by Jazzy Ruiz and Sara Borgnes. What started as a common passion became a vision and a project.


What we offer:



The vision for the company is to merge dance, music and education together in one. We want to offer the art of latin culture not just as entertainment through dance but side by side with the depth of the history and music. We also wanted to expand the possibilities and options for dancers in Norway to learn through true professionals. By inviting international artists to Oslo we want to connect Norway to the international Salsa scene.

  • Dance Teams - Shows & Entertainment

  • Dance Courses & Education

  • Music Seminars

  • Events:
    Festivals, Salsa Workshops with international instructors, Salsa Social Parties, Music Seminars, Dance Courses with live music and more.


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Sara Maria Isabella Borgnes
Co-Founder & Concept Developer
Work: Event Organizer, Social Media Manager, Administrator

Jazzy Ruiz
Founder, Concept
Developer & Director
Work: Choreographer & Instructor