Salsakompaniet - Norway’s Largest Salsa & Latin Dance School  


Salsakompaniet was founded by Jazzy Ruiz in 2000, when he started to teach Salsa classes at his Ballett Academy after ballet classes. He started with just 10 students in his beginner course, which has grown to over 2000 students since then.
The school has 18 professional instructors, and are working with and have worked with instructors such as Judith Cordero and Yuliet Estrada.
The school has over 30 classes per week in styles such as Salsa on1, Salsa on2, Mambo, Cuban Salsa, Bachata Dominican & Bachata Sensual, Ladystyling, Afro Fusion, Zouk, Tango and more. Take a look at the video below. Oe visit the official website here.