A Dance Journey Unlike Any

Jazzy grew up in an artistic family in Antigua, Guatemala. He started dancing at the age of 5 in his parents dance school, where he got a general education in jazz, contemporary, breakdance, hip-hop, latinjazz, flamenco and other latin styles such as salsa, cha cha cha, mambo, afro-cuban and show dance.

In 1999, while only visiting Norway, Jazzy got offered a spot in the Norwegian College of Dance after the headmaster saw him do a Salsa show. He was the first foreigner to enter their education, and finished his Bachelor in dance and pedagogy in 2003. After that he went on to study at Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba" and "Ballett Nacional de Alicia Alonso" in Havana, Cuba.

In 2000 Jazzy started teaching Salsa after his Ballet classes, and founded Salsakompaniet. He started with 10 students in his class, it has now grown to 2000 students and is Norway’s Largest Salsa & Latin Danceschool. Jazzy values quality and is proud to have a team of great professional instructors with him.

Since 2001 Jazzy has represented Norway & Guatemala in Salsa congresses all over the world. He has had the opportunity to work with many artists, dancers, orquestras and TV productions, as a choreographer and dancer.

In 2018, together with Erica Rodriguez, he won the second place and Silver Medal in the IDO World Championship in Salsa after only competing once before.

Jazzy has had an international career for over 20 years, but he always finds new ways to challenge himself, grow and learn. While still focusing on his school and international travels he founded his new company; Royal Tumbao Dance Company, where his vision is to share as much of his culture and art with Norway and connect the small community to the international Salsa scene. Royal Tumbao is a company and concept developed together with Sara Borgnes and it includes professional dance teams, festival, weekends with international artists, social night parties, his own live band and more.

At the end of the day, being happy is what really matters. Being yourself and doing what you like. We all are a masterpiece in process, life is short and love is everything.
— Jazzy Ruiz


JAZZY RUIZ AS choreographer & Dancer:



  • “So You Think You Can Dance” Norway

  • “So You Think You Can Dance” Scandinavia

  • “Norway’s Got Talent”

  • “Dancing with the Stars”

  • Stjernekamp NRK

  • Adil’s hemmelige dansere”

  • Music video as choreographer and dancer: “Your Body” by Mi Casa

  • “The perfect Dance” - A short movie 2013

  • NRK1 “Se min kjole” Barne TV

  • Mitt Dansecrew

  • God Morgen Norge

Photo: Iselin Jansen

Photo: Iselin Jansen

  • Berlin Salsa Festival 2001

  • Hot Salsa Weekend 2001 - 2018

  • Hamburg Salsa Festival from 2002 - 2016

  • Haarlem Salsa Festival 2003

  • Frankfurt Salsa Festival 2002, 2003, 2004

  • Mambo City 5 Star London 2004, 2005

  • Bacardi Salsa Congress Milano 2003

  • Copenhagen Salsa Festival 2014, 2016, 2017

  • Dubai International Dance Festival

  • Vienna Salsa Congress

  • Antalya Latin Festival

  • Timbachata

  • Be Fit & Sensual

  • Dresden Salsa Festival

  • Wuppertal Salsa Festival

  • Riga Salsa Festival

  • Tallin Salsa Festival

  • Vilnius Salsa Festival

  • Fresa Dance Festival

  • World Salsa Congress Marrakech

  • Bembé Afro Latin Festival, Marrakech

  • Prague Salsa Festival 2003 - 2005

  • Regensburg Salsa Festival 2001 - 2004

  • Crystal Salsa Party Wieliczka

  • Dublin Salsa Festival

  • Slovenia Salsa Festival

  • Hong Kong Salsa Congress

  • West Coast Salsa Congress, LA

  • Puerto Rico Salsa Congress

  • Mambomania, Bergen

  • Nordic Salsa Experience 2010 - 2019

  • Latin Festival, Ludwigsburg

  • Candela & Friends Salsa Festival

  • Scandinavia Salsa Festival

  • Lova Dance Festival, Sweden

  • St. Petersburg Salsa Festival

  • La Negra Salsa Festival

  • Spring Salsa Festival, Warsaw

  • Valentine Dance Festival

  • Amsterdam Salsa Congress

  • Bachaturo, Warsaw

  • Summer Breeze, Norway

  • Monaco Salsa Festival

  • …and more!